Citizen Insurance (Citizen Insurance Company): Citizens Inc. (CIA) (1969)

Citizens Inc. (Citizens Insurance Company) Citizens Inc. (NYSE:CIA) was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with 620 full-time employees. It mainly provides life insurance products in the United States and the world through its subsidiaries.

Citizens Inc Logo

Citizens Inc. (CIA):

Citizens Insurance Company mainly provides life insurance, pension insurance, credit insurance, final expenses, and property insurance with limited accident liability. Citizens Inc. operates in three departments: life insurance, family service insurance and other non-insurance companies.

  1. Life Insurance Department : Provide general life insurance policies, funeral policies, pre-mortem funeral policies, and accident and health related policies to high-asset value and high-income residents living in the Midwest and South of the United States, as well as general life insurance and pension insurance for non-US residents Residents, the product sales of this business are through third-party sales organizations and independent sales consultants.
  2. Family Services Insurance Department : Provide general life insurance and annuity for funeral and final expenses before death to low- and middle-income individuals mainly living in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, as well as property insurance in Louisiana. This business is through funeral homes and Home service sales system sells products.
  3. Other non-insurance corporate sectors : provide data processing and flight transportation services.
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