Closed-end equity mutual funds: Templeton Dragon Fund (TDF) (1994 – )

Templeton China Dragon Fund (Templeton Dragon Fund Co., Ltd.) Templeton Dragon Fund, Inc. (NYSE: TDF) was established on September 20, 1994 and registered in the United States. It was a closed company initiated by Franklin Resources, Inc. Stock mutual funds.

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Templeton Dragon Fund (TDF):

The Templeton China Dragon Fund is managed by Templeton Asset Management Ltd. (Templeton Asset Management Ltd.). It invests in China’s public stock market.

The Templeton Asset Management Fund aims to invest in company stocks in various industries. It mainly invests in the company’s value stocks.

Templeton China Dragon Fund uses fundamental analysis, focusing on such things as growth prospects, competitive position in the export market, technology, R&D, productivity, labor costs, raw material costs and sources, profitability, return on investment, capital resources, government supervision and management And other factors to create its investment portfolio.

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