Cloud-based enterprise work management software: Upland Software (UPLD)

Upland Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:UPLD) was founded in 2010, formerly known as Silverback Enterprise Group, Inc., changed its current name in November 2013, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has 375 full-time employees. Is a company that provides cloud-based enterprise work management software in the United States, Canada and internationally. Upland Software, Inc. is a subsidiary of Silverback Enterprise Group Inc.

Upland Software

Upland Software (UPLD):

Highland Software provides a series of software applications under the Upland brand, involving information technology (IT), process excellence and operations, finance, professional services and marketing.

Upland Software tells software applications to solve various types of corporate work challenges, including project and project portfolio management, professional service automation, IT financial management, knowledge participation, corporate security document capture and faxing, workflow automation and corporate content management, supply Chain visibility and collaboration, website management and web visitor insight and mobile interaction.

Highland Software’s enterprise work management cloud software enables every team in your organization to do their best. Whether it is team collaboration, project management and cost management, automated workflows, or attracting potential customers and customers, the company’s enterprise work management cloud solutions can meet specific work needs and provide powerful results. Because the product is cloud-based and has excellent performance, scalability and security, Upland Software can keep the customer’s personnel connected and current status through any device anytime, anywhere.

Upland Software sells its products through direct sales organizations and indirect sales organizations that sell to distributors and value-added resellers.

Upland Software provides services to clients in many industries, including financial services, retail, technology, manufacturing, law, education, consumer products, media, telecommunications, government, food and beverage, healthcare and life sciences, and non-profit organizations.

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