CNA Financial Corporation: CNA Financial Corporation (CNA) (1853)

CNA Financial Corporation, CNA Financial Corporation (NYSE: CNA) was founded in 1853 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with 6,700 full-time employees. It was acquired by Loews Corporation in 1974 and is still a subsidiary of Loews. American companies that provide commercial property and accident insurance products.

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CNA Financial Corp (CNA):

CNA Financial Corporation, a subsidiary of Loews Corporation, mainly provides commercial property and accident insurance products in the United States together with its subsidiaries.

CNA Financial’s business includes professional, commercial, institutional, life and group non-core businesses, corporate and other non-core businesses. The company’s property insurance products include property, shipping, steam engine boilers, machinery, etc. Accident insurance products include employee compensation, general and product accident liability, commercial vehicle and umbrella insurance.

CNA Financial also provides guarantees and fidelity bonds, bonds and alternative risk products, management and specialized occupational accident liability insurance and risk management services, as well as other specialized property and accident insurance for various professional companies including architects, Real estate agents, accounting companies, law firms and other professional companies. Supervisors and directors, employment practices, trustees and employees guarantee honesty insurance to small and medium-sized companies, public and private companies, non-profit organizations, etc., professionals and general accident liability, and related standards of the health care industry (associated standards) property and accidents Casualty insurance.

In addition, CNA Financial provides short-tail exposures insurance in maritime and aviation, non-maritime properties, specialized occupations, and property contract reinsurance.

CNA Finance sells products to various customers including large, medium and small enterprises, insurance companies, associations, professionals and other groups through independent agents, brokers, and general insurance companies. CNA financial companies serve industries such as engineering construction, life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, health care, financial services, property, technology, and shipping.

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