CNG building materials stocks: Huitao Technology (Xinao Concrete) Color Star Technology Co. (HHT) (2002)

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: HHT) was founded in 2002, formerly known as Huitao Technology Co., Ltd., changed to its current name in May 2020, and was formerly named Xinao Concrete (China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc., formerly NASDAQ: CADC), was changed to Huitao Technology in July 2019 and launched the new stock code. The headquarters was changed from Beijing, China to New York, with 233 full-time employees. Companies engaged in concrete manufacturing and sales.

Huitao Technology Co

Color Star Technology Co. (HHT):

China Advanced Construction Materials ChinaACMHuitao Technology (Xinao Concrete) products include: ordinary concrete, impermeable concrete, vibration-free self-compact stone concrete, ready-mixed concrete materials, controlled low-strength backfill materials, high-strength concrete products, concrete composite additives, lightweight Aggregate concrete, etc., as well as composite admixtures, lightweight aggregates, thermostats and C100 high-performance concrete products.

Huitao Technology (Xinao Concrete) main customers include: general contractors, developers, engineering designers, architects and builders, etc.

ENN Concrete is a leading provider of advanced building materials. Its products are used in large-scale commercial, residential and infrastructure development projects. ENN Concrete mainly produces and supplies advanced ready-mixed concrete for various large-scale environmentally-friendly construction projects with high technical difficulties. material. In addition, the company also plans to develop and produce innovative environmentally friendly building materials.

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