Commercial application, technology and consulting company: SilverSun Technologies (SSNT)

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSNT) was founded in 1988, formerly known as Trey Resources, Inc., changed to its current name in June 2011, headquartered in East Hanover, New Jersey, USA, with 178 full-time employees. It is a business Application software, technology and consulting company.

SilverSun Technologies

SilverSun Technologies (SSNT):

Headquartered in East Hanover, New Jersey, SilverSun Technologies is committed to providing transformative business management solutions, technology and professional consulting services for small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries. SilverSun’s mature services and technologies provide context-relevant insights and perspectives for key business operations, enabling customers to manage, protect and profit from enterprise assets-whether it is on-premise or cloud deployment.

SilverSun Technologies distributes enterprise resource planning (ERP) financial accounting software, as well as related training, technical support and professional services.

SilverSun Technologies also publishes and sells MAPADOC, an electronic data interchange software, through a dealer network.

In addition, SilverSun Technologies also distributes warehouse management system software, which controls the transportation and storage of materials; and provides customer relationship management and business intelligence products.

Furthermore, SilverSun also provides hosting services, data backup, network maintenance and service upgrades, hosting, business continuity, cloud, email and web services.

SilverSun Technologies serves various end-users, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in the United States that sell services and products to small and medium-sized enterprises.

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