Commercial stage anti-cancer therapy company: NovoCure Limited (NVCR) (2000)

NovoCure Limited (NASDAQ:NVCR) was registered in Channel Islands, Jersey in 2000. It is headquartered in St. Helier, Jersey. It has an office in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. It has 782 full-time employees. It is a commercial anti-cancer company /Anti-tumor therapy & medical equipment company, developed a proprietary technology therapy for solid tumor treatment-Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields).

NovoCure Limited 1

NovoCure (NVCR):

NovoCure’s TTFields technology is a low-toxicity anti-mitotic therapy that uses low-intensity, medium-frequency, and AC electric fields to exert physical force to interfere with the normal cell division of key molecules in cancer cells, resulting in the death of cancer cells. In the treatment of solid tumors, the current general therapy is generally a combination of surgery + radiation + drug therapy. Although there has been significant progress, there are still significant unmet needs in improving survival rates and improving the quality of life of patients. TTFields therapy officially addresses this need, greatly improving the quality of life of patients, increasing survival rates, and reducing side effects.

In 2011, NovoCure’s first TTFields delivery system, Optune, was approved by the FDA as a monotherapy for the treatment of glioma brain cancer (GBM) in adult patients. Later, Optune was approved for trials in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

In November 2014, the results of the Phase III clinical trial of Optune showed that the overall survival rate was significantly improved when combined with chemotherapy for the initial GBM patients.

In April 2015, NovoCure submitted Optune’s priority approval application PMA to the FDA for the treatment of GBM. Once Optune is approved, we have reason to believe that TTFields will change the treatment history of solid tumors.

NovoCure (NVCR) investment:

NovoCure submitted IPO files to the SEC on 8/31/2015, landed on Nasdaq, raised US$189 million, with an issue price of US$2.6-29 billion, stock code: NVCR.

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