Composites company spun off by Alcoa: Arconic Inc. (ARNC)

Arconic Inc. (NYSE:ARNC) is a company that was spun off from Alcoa in 2016 and independently listed on the main composite products. Headquartered in New York City, New York, USA, it has 41,500 full-time employees. Material products are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, construction and construction markets.


Arconic Inc. (ARNC):

Okonink is committed to creating breakthrough products, leading and shaping the industry. By establishing close cooperative relationships with customers, we can solve complex engineering problems and realize the transformation and upgrading of flying, driving, construction and energy methods. Through the inventions and creations of Okonink people and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Arconic provides high-quality and efficient products to ensure the success of customers and the realization of value for shareholders.

Okoninco is divided into three parts to operate : Global Rolled Products (global rolled products), Engineered Products and Solutions (engineering products and solutions), and Transportation and Construction Solutions (transportation and construction solutions).

  • Global Rolled Products-production and sales of aluminum plates and plates; and sterile foils. The division serves the aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation, packaging, construction and industrial product end markets.
  • Engineered Products and Solutions-production and sales of fastening systems and seamless rolling rings; investment in castings, including wing and forged jet engine parts; and extruded, machined and formed aircraft parts; and various forged, extruded and Machined metal products. The division serves the commercial and defense aerospace, commercial transportation and power generation end markets.
  • Transportation and Construction Solutions-production and sales of integrated aluminum structural systems, construction profiles, forged aluminum commercial wheels and aluminum products for industrial products. This sector serves the non-residential building and construction and commercial transportation terminal markets.

Okonink is a leader in advanced technology solutions, and its main customers are leading companies in related industries. The company’s positioning is to become a development partner of leading companies in the industry, which will become the main driving force for the company’s market share increase. Okoninck enjoys an advantageous position in a market with growth and attractiveness. In 2015, 70% of Okonink’s revenue came from the areas where its market share occupied the first or second place.

Revenue from the aerospace sector accounts for about 40% of Okonink’s total revenue. The company develops and produces high-performance engineering products to provide solutions for body structure and engines. Since 2008, the company has combined organic and inorganic technologies with innovative investments, thereby significantly improving the company’s capabilities. Therefore, Okoninck has achieved a significant share in the next generation of aero engines and aircraft structures. At present, the company can supply more than 90% of jet engine components. In metal and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) aircraft, Okonink is the leading supplier of structural components. In fact, 85% of Okonink’s aviation industry revenue comes from products whose market share is the first or second.

In the North American automotive market, Okonink invented the bonding process to promote the mass transfer of automotive materials from steel to aluminum. In the process of the transformation of automotive lightweight, the demand for automotive aluminum sheets continues to grow, and Okonink stands at the forefront of this change. According to Okonink’s estimates, its North American automotive sheet revenue will increase six-fold, from US$229 million in 2013 to US$1.3 billion in 2018. In the North American automotive business, 96% of the company’s revenue comes from product sales that occupy the first or second market share.

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