Consulting company: Hackett Services The Hackett Group (HCKT) (1991)

Hackett Services (Hackett Group) The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT) was founded in 1991, formerly known as Answerthink, Inc., changed its current name in 2008, and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. With 1,268 full-time employees, it is a company engaged in strategic consulting and technical consulting services in the United States and Western Europe.

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Hackett Services The Hackett Group (HCKT):

Hackett Services Group was founded in 1991 by Ted A. Fernandez and David N. Dungan, and was acquired by Answerthink, Inc. in 1997. Answerthink changed its name to Hackett Group, Inc. in 2008. Hackett Group has global offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, and is HCKT on Nasdaq.

The Hackett Group is an intellectual property-based strategic consulting company. It is a leading enterprise benchmarking and best practice digital transformation company for global companies, providing digital transformation including robotic process automation and enterprise cloud application implementation. Services include business transformation, corporate analysis, working capital management and global business services. Hackett Group also provides expertise in business strategy, operations, finance, human capital management, strategic procurement, procurement and information technology, including award-winning Oracle and SAP practices.

Hackett Services Group has completed more than 16,500 benchmark studies with large companies and government agencies, including companies with 93% of the Dow Jones Industrial Index, 89% of the Fortune 100 companies, 83% of the DAX 30 companies and FTSE 100 57% of companies. These studies have driven the development of its Best Practice Intelligence Center™, which includes the company’s benchmark metrics, best practice repository, and best practice configuration guidelines and processes, enabling Hackett Group’s customers and partners to achieve world-class performance .

Hackett Services provides working capital solutions through its REL Group, focusing on providing important cash flow improvements; through its Archstone consulting group, it provides strategy and corporate management consulting for consumer and industrial products, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and financial services industries; Through its Hackett Technology Solutions Group, it provides enterprise application consulting services to maximize the benefits of the company’s IT investment.

Hackett Services The Hackett Group (HCKT) clients include:

Pfizer , AT & T , IBM , YUM! , British Petroleum (BP), Tyco International , DHL, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft (Microsoft), American Express , Wal-Mart , Deutsche Bank , Federal Express , Dow Chemical , Nestle , Granville Ryson , Exxon Mobil , Bank of America , Royal Dutch Shell , Best Buy , BHP Billiton and other dozens of large companies.

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