Consumer finance company: Curo Group Holdings Corp. (CURO) (1997)

Curo Group Holdings Corp. (NYSE: CURO) was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA. It has 4,200 full-time employees (9/30/2017). It is a consumer finance company with payday loans. The customer base of banking services provides borrowing needs.

Curo Group Holdings Corp

Curo Group Holdings Corp. (CURO):

In 1997, Curo Group Holdings Corp. was established in Riverside, California, USA to meet the growing demand for short-term loans from consumers. Focus on providing a variety of convenient financial and loan services in a safe, clean and professional environment. The company has successfully opened branches in many places in the United States and expanded to provide online loans and financial services nationwide. Curo Group’s brands include: Speedy Cash , Rapid Cash , Cash Money , LendDirect , Avío Credit , Opt+ , Juo Loans and WageDayAdvance .

Curo Group Holdings Corp. is mainly engaged in payday loans, providing borrowing needs for customers who cannot get bank services. Its service items include unsecured guarantee installment payments, open-end and single-payment loan services, and provide other customer services and operations System, call center and business record services, Curo Group mainly serves customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Curo Group Holdings company integrates stores, online, mobile and contact centers to acquire customers through a full range of channels. It operates the Curo platform to integrate loan underwriting, scoring, services, collection, regulatory compliance, and reporting into this system.

Curo Group Holdings Corp. (CURO) investment:

Curo Group Holdings Corp. (NYSE: CURO) landed on the New York Stock Exchange on 12/7/2017 IPO, with an issue price of US$14, issuing 6,666,667 shares, raising US$93,333,338.00, stock code: CURO.

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