Conveyor crane manufacturer: Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) (1875)

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Columbus McKinnon Company, Komei Company) Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO) was founded in 1875 and is headquartered in Amherst, New York, USA, with 2,747 full-time employees. It is a company in the United States, Europe, Canada and A company that designs, manufactures and sells material handling machinery and equipment for various commercial and industrial end-user markets internationally.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation Logo

Columbus McKinnon Columbus McKinnon (CMCO):

Columbus McKinnon Company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of various material handling, lifting and positioning machinery, for construction, mining, transportation, entertainment, power plants, agriculture, ships, accommodation and medical and other commercial and industrial end users The market provides services. Specific products of Columbus Mckinnon Corporation include:

  1. Electric and pneumatic control rods, hand cranes and winches;
  2. Industrial crane systems, such as steel bridges, portal and jib cranes, and aluminum workstation cranes;
  3. Alloy and carbon steel chains;
  4. Machinery and equipment accessories, such as hooks, shackles, textile slings, clips, logging instruments, main chains, load adhesives, etc.;
  5. Mechanical and electromechanical actuators and rotary joints;
  6. Below-the-hook special hoist and tire shredder;
  7. Aluminum alloy overhead light rail workstation.

Columbus Mckinnon Corporation sells products through commercial distributors and end users. Brands include: CM, Coffee, Chester, Duff-Norton, Pfaff, Shaw-Box, Unified, STB, Yale, Budgit, Little Mule, Herc-Alloy, CES, Abell -More than ten brands such as Howe and Washington Equipment.

Columbus McKinnon Company sells its products to various industries, including: manufacturing, power generation and distribution, hydropower, wind power, warehouses, commercial construction, oil and gas extraction and refining, petrochemicals, marine, shipbuilding, transportation and heavy trucks, Agriculture, logging and mining, as well as the entertainment industry, including permanent and tourist concerts, stage plays and sports venues.

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