Cross-border e-commerce solution provider: Borderfree (BRDR)-delisting (1999)

Borderfree Inc (NASDAQ: BRDR) was established in 1999 (the company’s predecessor was FiftyOne, Inc., FiftyOne acquired Canadian e-commerce provider Borderfree in 2013, and later changed its name to Borderfree), with 231 full-time employees. It is a technology company that provides cross-border e-commerce solutions services.


Borderfree was delisted due to its acquisition by Pitney Bowes Inc (NYSE:PBI).

Borderfree Logo

Borderfree (BRDR):

Borderfree operates a service platform with patented technology that enables retailers in the United States to conduct transactions with consumers in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Its customers sell various physical goods online (such as clothing, handbags, jewelry, Retailers of sporting goods, home decoration, toys, etc., including department stores, clothing brands, lifestyle brands, etc.

Borderfree (BRDR) investment:

2015-05-06 Borderfree Inc (BRDR), an e-commerce service company, announced that it was acquired by Pitney Bowes Inc (NYSE: PBI). Borderfree is valued at US$448.7 million. According to the agreement, Pitney Bowes will pay Borderfree US$14 in cash per share outstanding (Borderfree’s first-quarter net loss expanded from US$2 million to US$4.6 million, while revenue fell 7% to US$24.8 million.).

Affected by this news, Borderfree (BRDR) surged by +105.15% to $13.93 in intraday trading on Wednesday, with a market value of $445.2 million.

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