Digital business platform: Apigee Corporation (APIC) (2004)

Apigee Corporation (NASDAQ: APIC) was founded in 2004, formerly known as Sonoa Systems, Inc., changed to its current name in September 2010, headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, in Detroit, Michigan, London, UK, and Bangalore, India. It has branches and 412 full-time employees. Apigee mainly provides API high-speed access services for digital services for companies and individuals. For example, GOGO ’s wifi can provide customers with network services on a 20,000-foot plane, which uses Apigee’s services. In short, Apigee provides digital services for traditional companies, enabling them to quickly realize the transformation from offline to online, from traditional to digital, and achieve business expansion and rapid expansion.


Apigee Corporation (APIC):

Apigee Corporation is a supplier of application programming interface (API) software platforms that help customers develop digital connections and business control through the software platform. Apigee’s platform helps companies design, deploy and expand APIs to serve as the connection layer between IT systems, databases, and applications used by customers, partners, employees and other users to participate in their business.

The platforms developed by Apigee include: Apigee Edge, Apigee Insights, Apigee Developer, and Apigee Link. Products can be applied to a series of industries such as telecommunications, media, entertainment, financial services, retail, tourism and hotels, and healthcare and insurance companies.

In today’s global competition, enterprises must quickly realize the transition from traditional to digital in order to win the first opportunity. Apigee (APIC) is such a company that provides enterprises with all O2O solutions. ApiGee provides data access services for many world-renowned multinational companies. Among the Forbes Top 100 companies, 20% are APIC customers, and more than 25% of Forbes Top 50 companies use APIgee services, such as eBay , Shell , First Data , Walgreens , Burberry, Live Nation, Bugaboo, etc.

apigee served companies

Apigee business scope:

API platform services, API management, API analysis, developer tools, mobile application analysis, API interaction, mobile APP, mobile background, big data, data prediction and analysis, etc.

Apigee Corporation (APIC) inflation:

APIGEE will be listed on the Nasdaq on April 24, 2015, stock trading code APIC, the issue price is 16-18 US dollars, and plans to raise 870 billion US dollars.

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