Digital Health Company: OptimizeRx Corporation (OPRX) (2006)

OptimizeRx Corporation (NASDAQ: OPRX) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Rochester, Michigan, USA. It has 70 full-time employees. It is a digital health company dedicated to facilitating communication between various stakeholders in healthcare.

OptimizeRx Corporation

OptimizeRx Corporation (OPRX):

OptimizeRxis is the only point-of-care focused platform on the market – linking life sciences, doctors, patients and pharmacies in one platform.

The software platform of OptimizeRx Corporation is directly integrated into the EHR workflow and can cover more than 60% of outpatient medical service providers in the United States; covering all treatment fields and specialties. This integration ensures that information is exchanged in real time within the ecosystem, thereby increasing efficiency and ultimately improving patient treatment outcomes.

Whether in clinics, hospitals or after discharge, OptimizeRx Corporation uses advanced analytics, data triggering and adjudication services to ensure that we deliver the right message to the right healthcare provider or the right patient at the right time to maximize Improve patients’ positive outcomes and increase the manufacturer’s return on investment.

  • OptimizeRx Corporation’s cloud-based solution supports patient compliance with medications by providing financial assistance, pre-authorization, and real-time access to key clinical information; the network is composed of an electronic medical record company platform that provides instant medical services to the outpatient market.
  • OptimizeRx Corporation’s products and applications include financial messaging, a virtual patient support center, which allows doctors and employees to access sample vouchers, co-payment coupons, and other patient support through its EMR and/or electronic prescription system; and brand awareness and Clinical information service.
  • In addition, OptimizeRx Corporation’s products and applications also include brand support services, with a focus on education and collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturers to identify, develop and implement new eRx media strategies, including drug file integration, sales staff training, and use to promote its Product strategy development services.
  • Furthermore, OptimizeRx Corporation also runs a cloud-based Mobile Health Messenger platform, which provides interactive health information to enhance medication compliance and care coordination; and an automated mobile messaging platform that complies with HIPAA, which enables drug manufacturers and related The entity can directly contact the patient to enhance compliance with the treatment plan.
  • In addition, OptimizeRx Corporation also provides treatment and affordability information, lifestyle and condition trackers, Internet device connections, forms and surveys for patient plans.
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