Diversified investment holding company: Harbinger Investment HRG Group (HRG) (1954)

HRG Group, Inc. (NYSE: HRG) was founded in 1954, formerly known as Harbinger Group Inc., changed its current name in March 2015, headquartered in New York, New York, USA, full-time employees With 16,021 employees, it is a comprehensive enterprise that provides various branded consumer products through its subsidiaries.

HRG Group

Harbinger invests in HRG Group, Inc. (HRG)

Harbinger Investments is a diversified investment holding company that focuses on acquiring companies with undervalued or reasonable assets but with growth potential. HRG Group’s main holdings include :

  1. Spectrum Brands -global consumer product brands;
  2. FGL-engaged in life insurance and annuity insurance business;
  3. Front Street-engaged in long-term reinsurance business;
  4. HAMCO-an asset management company that provides financing and asset management services across multiple industries;
  5. Compass-engaged in the operation, acquisition, exploitation and development of traditional oil and natural gas assets.

Harbinger invests in HRG Group, Inc. (HRG) history:

  • In 1953, the later President of the United States George HW Bush and his business partners John Overbey, Hugh Liedtke, Bill Liedtke, Thomas J. Devine founded Zapata Oil;
  • In 1954, Zapata Off-Shore Company was established as a subsidiary of Zapata Oil;
  • From 1998 to 2000, Zapata Corporation tried to position itself as an Internet media company through;
  • In July 1998, Zapata Corporation announced the acquisition of ChatPlanet, TravelPage and;
  • In 2009, Zapata Corporation changed its name to Harbinger Group Inc., stock code: NYSE: HRG;
  • From 2010 to 2011, Harbinger Capital Partners LLC transferred its 54.4% stake in Spectrum Brands to Harbinger Group Inc., making the latter a holding company for Spectrum Brands;
  • In 2011, Harbinger Group Inc. acquired the insurance company Old Mutual US Life Holdings, Inc.;
  • In 2013, Salus Capital (a unit of the Harbinger Group) and Cerberus Capital Management provided $250 million in financing to the beleaguered retailer RadioShack Corporation.
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