Dutch special rolled and extruded aluminum product design and manufacturer: Constellium NV (CSTM)

Constellium NV (NYSE: CSTM) was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, with 10,500 full-time employees. It is a company engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of special rolled and extruded aluminum products for the aerospace, packaging and automotive end markets company of.


Constellium NV (CSTM):

Rio Tinto established Constellium when it sold Alcan Engineered Products to Apollo Management (51%) and FSI (10%) in 2011 . Prior to this, Alcan Engineered Products was the result of various mergers and acquisitions between Pechiney, Alcan and Alusuisse. Constellium is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In February 2018, Constellium was delisted from the Paris Euronext Stock Exchange.

Constellium NV is a global manufacturer of aluminum rolled products, extruded products and structural parts based on various advanced alloys. Its C-TEC research center has made many world technological breakthroughs in the field of advanced aluminum alloys. Constellium mainly serves the aerospace, automotive and packaging industries. Major customers include Mercedes-Benz , Audi , BMW , Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , Ford , Airbus , Boeing and Bombardier .

Constellium works with the European Aluminum Association, the American Aluminum Association and the Cannery Association to increase the recycling of beverage cans. In particular, the company supports Euroaluminium’s goal of reaching an 80% beverage can recycling rate by 2020.

Constellium NV is divided into 3 divisions to operate : Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products, Aerospace & Transportation and Automotive Structures & Industry.

  1. Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products -produces rolled aluminum products, including canned and sealed products for the beverage and food industries, and aluminum foil products for the flexible packaging market. The division also provides automotive body panels and heat exchangers for the automotive market; as well as sheets and coils for the construction and construction markets.
  2. Aerospace & Transportation ——Provide aluminum and special material products, including aerospace plates and plates, aerospace wing skins, general engineering plates, transportation plates, and other extrusion and precision casting products. This department serves the aerospace, transportation, industry and defense sectors.
  3. Automotive Structures & Industry ——Provide collision management systems, side impact beams, body structures and cockpit carriers; and soft and hard alloy extrusions, as well as large profiles for automotive, railway, energy, construction and industrial applications. The department also provides downstream technology and services, including pre-processing, surface treatment, R&D and technical support services.

Constellium NV sells its products in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore either directly or through distributors.

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