Electronic payment solution company: VeriFone Systems (PAY)-Delisting (1981)

VeriFone Systems, Inc. (NYSE:PAY) was founded in 1981, formerly known as VeriFone Holdings, Inc., and changed to its current name in May 2010 , Headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, with 5,400 full-time employees, is an electronic payment solution company that provides a full range of secure electronic payment solutions.


In April 2018, VeriFone Systems, the world’s leading provider of payment and commerce solutions, was selected by an investment group led by Francisco Partners, including British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (British Columbia Investment Management Corporation) for a total cash price of US$23.04 per share. The $3.4 billion acquisition includes Verifone’s net debt.

VeriFone Systems

VeriFone Systems (PAY):

Verifone Systems, Inc. is the world’s top supplier of secure electronic payment solutions. Verifone provides a comprehensive consumer-oriented electronic payment system including professional technology, solutions and value-added services for businesses in the financial, retail, hotel, petroleum, government, and medical industries that use POS services. Whether in the global mature markets or emerging markets, Verifone can meet the different needs of merchants, partners and acquirers with unique solutions.

Verifone’s equipment and POS solutions are capable of processing various types of payments and comply with the latest global POS security standards. Whether in a gas station, department store, or your favorite restaurant, it is likely that you have already used Verifone’s equipment or POS solutions.

As the world’s first payment device manufacturer, Huierfeng’s products and POS services have undergone great changes. Today, Verifone provides a full range of professional payment technologies and solutions to provide merchants and consumers with value-added services based on the POS payment system. The key industries that Verifone serves include retail, gas stations, catering, hotels, taxis, transportation and healthcare. Huierfeng System’s payment solutions can meet the needs of global merchants, banks and acquirers.

Verifone was established in Hawaii, USA in 1981, and currently has operations in more than 110 countries and regions around the world. As a global company, Verifone has multiple regional headquarters: San Jose, California, London, Singapore, and Miami, Florida, etc., and more than 45 Directly have branches in various countries and regions.

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