Emission reduction technology and specialty chemicals company: Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (ADES) (1996)

Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADES) was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with 133 full-time employees. Together with its subsidiaries, it provides emission reduction technologies and specialty chemicals in the United States.

Advanced Emissions Solutions

Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (ADES):

Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. provides solutions for customers in coal-fired power generation, municipal water supply and other industries through proprietary emission control and water purification technologies of subsidiaries and joint ventures. The company’s proprietary technology and related products provide pollutant control solutions to enable coal-fired generators and industrial and municipal water to meet applicable regulations. The company’s current products and services can provide solutions to the needs of the entire coal-fired generating set.

Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. is the holding company of ADA-ES, Inc., Carbon Carbon Solutions, LLC. Through ADA-ES, Advanced Emissions Solutions holds Tinuum Group, LLC and Tinuum Services, LLC. At ADES, the company is keen to work with customers to implement the most effective solutions to suit its unique operation and pollution control configuration.

ADA combines ADA Carbon Solutions, a leading supplier of powder activated carbon, and ADA-ES, a provider of ADA®M-Prove™ technology. Advanced Emissions Solutions will continue to provide products and services to coal-fired generators and other industrial companies to control mercury and other pollutants. The company’s complementary product line can control pollutants: activated carbon, coal additives and scrubber additives, as well as flue gas conditioning and other auxiliary chemical technologies. This extensive product suite supports customized integrated solutions that help the company’s customers consistently and reliably achieve their compliance goals.

ADA produces and delivers many of the company’s products through three key assets:

  1. Red River Plant-North America’s largest, most automated and environmentally friendly activated carbon plant.
  2. Natchitoches Processing Facility-can provide customized processing and packaging.
  3. Five Forks Mine-Provide dedicated raw materials to support the company’s vertical integration.

ADES’s chemical technology is currently produced by third-party manufacturers and shipped directly to customers.

CarbPure Technologies LLC was established in 2015 and provides high-quality PAC and granular activated carbon (“GAC”), which are very suitable for drinking water and wastewater treatment. The particle size and density of CarbPure PAC products are designed for excellent water contact, allowing them to effectively treat various water sources. CarbPure GAC products are manufactured to withstand the abrasive effects of repeated backwashing, hydraulic transportation and reactivation for future use. The company’s affiliate ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC produces CarbPure products.

Through Tinuum Group, LLC, Advanced Emissions Solutions, the patented CyClean™ (Refined Coal (“RC”) CyClean™) technology is provided to enhance the combustion of NOx and mercury in the cyclone boiler and reduce its emissions. The patented M-45™ and M-45-PC™ technologies of some companies are used in circulating fluidized boilers and pulverized coal boilers, respectively.

Advanced Emissions Solutions is divided into 2 divisions to operate: Refined Coal; and Power Generation and Industrials.

  • The company provides CyClean technology, which is a pre-combustion coal treatment process that can enhance combustion and reduce nitrogen oxides and mercury emissions in the coal burned in cyclone boilers; and M-45 and M-45-PC technologies, which are The pre-combustion treatment technology is used to control the emissions of circulating fluidized bed boilers and pulverized coal boilers.
  • It also provides powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon, coal additives and scrubber additives, and has a related lignite mine, which provides raw materials for powdered activated carbon factories.
  • The company serves customers in the coal-fired power generation and industrial boiler processes, as well as the drinking water and wastewater treatment markets.
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