Energy industry engineering service provider: ENG Global Englobal Corporation (ENG) (1985)

Englobal Corporation (NASDAQ:ENG) was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 344 full-time employees. It mainly provides engineering professional services for the energy industry.

Englobal Corporation

ENG Global Englobal Corporation (ENG):

Englobal Corporation is divided into two departments to operate: engineering, procurement and construction management; automation engineering department.

  1. Engineering, procurement and construction management departments mainly provide services such as the development, management and execution of engineering projects or related projects, including feasibility studies, project definitions, budget evaluations, engineering design, environmental protection planning, material procurement, project management, and equipment inspections And construction management, customers include energy, chemical and petrochemical, utilities, oil and natural gas, and alternative energy development industries. In addition, the department also provides government, public sector and facilities, electrical and instrument installation, technology, maintenance, calibration and Maintenance service.
  2. Automation engineering department , mainly for energy and processing-related industries, design, assembly and integrated management of control, analysis and automation systems, information technology, electrical engineering and instrumentation systems, customers include oil refining, petrochemical, pipeline transportation, production, and processing , Pulp and paper industries.
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