Energy-saving technology development company: Lime Energy Company (LIME) (1997)

Lime Energy Company (NASDAQ: LIME) was founded in 1997, formerly known as Electric City Corporation, and changed to its current name in September 2006. Headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA, with 161 full-time employees, it is an energy-saving company Technology developers.

Lime Energy Company Logo

Lime Energy Company (LIME):

Lime Energy is an energy-saving technology developer. It designs and implements energy efficiency improvement programs and engineering services for U.S. utilities, and provides directly installable energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions for small and medium-sized commercial and industrial projects to improve energy efficiency. To reduce energy-related expenditures and the impact of energy use on the environment, the company’s solutions include energy-saving lighting upgrades and energy-saving machinery upgrades. Lime Energy’s energy-saving products include the eMAC system, which provides intelligent control, HVAC and continuous monitoring of lighting equipment through wireless communication technology to reduce energy consumption.

Lime Energy also provides practical program management and implementation services, including program design, program management, customer recruitment marketing and sales, as well as auditing and implementing energy efficiency projects.

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