Enterprise Electronic Payment Processing: Payment Data System Usio, Inc. (USIO)

Usio, Inc. (NASDAQ: USIO) was founded in 1998, formerly known as Payment Data Systems, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: PYDS), which was changed to its current name in June 2019 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA , 43 full-time employees, together with its subsidiaries, provide integrated electronic payment processing services for merchants and enterprises in the United States.

Payment Data Systems

Payment data system Usio, Inc. (USIO):

In 1998, the payment data system company was founded under the name Billserv. In the next four years, Billserv became the most successful electronic billing and payment (EBPP) company in the industry. It turns out that Billserv’s contract companies accounted for approximately all of the paper in the United States. 16% of the bill.

In 2003, Payment Data Systems determined the efficient, secure, and cost-effective integrated payment solutions required by the industry based on the wealth of knowledge and experience it has processed over 1.5 billion US dollars in annual electronic payments and network payment deployment.

Today, Payment Data Systems Corporation, as the premier solution provider for all forms of secure payment processing, has gained recognition in the industry and customers.

Payment Data Systems provides various types of Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing; and credit, prepaid and debit card processing services.

Usio, Inc.’s ACH processing services include Representative Check, which is a check with insufficient funds in a consumer’s account, which represents electronic payment rather than through a paper check collection system; and accounts receivable check conversion, one A kind of consumer paper check payment is converted to electronic check.

Usio, Inc. also provides customer account services for processing card-based transactions through the VISA , MasterCard , American Express , Discover and JCB networks, including online terminal services accessed through websites or retail services accessed through physical terminals.

In addition, the payment data system company also provides a proprietary web-based customer service application that allows the company to process one-time and recurring payments via e-check or credit card; and the company’s interactive voice response phone system, which uses e-check or credit card over the phone Directly accept payments from consumers.

Furthermore, the company creates, manages and processes prepaid card plans for corporate customers to issue prepaid cards to its customer base or employees; and issues general rechargeable cards to consumers as a substitute for traditional bank accounts.

Also, the company operates, a consumer website that allows consumers to process online payments to pay other individuals; and provides consumers with prepaid cards to keep budgets, manage allowances, and share money with family and friends Tool of.

Payment Data Systems (Usio, Inc.) sells its products and services through direct sales and non-exclusive distributors.

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