Enterprise software development company: Code Rebel Corporation (CDRB) (2006)

Code Rebel Corporation (NASDAQ: CDRB) was founded in 2006 and established a limited liability company in Hawaii, USA in April 2007. It was reorganized as the current Code Rebel Corporation in Delaware in May 2014. It is a software development and Service company.

Update: On March 14, 2016, Code Rebel and Aegis Identity reached a final merger agreement.

Code Rebel Logo

Code Rebel (CDRB):

Headquartered in Hawaii, Code Rebel is a software development, sales and licensing company. The main product iRAPP® is a device that allows users to access and control multiple Windows computers and Apple MAC computers at the same time through one device, one keyboard and mouse. . iRAPP® software provides an integrated PC/Mac desktop environment, providing users with remote or local seamless interactive management and integration.

Code Rebel’s business strategy is to closely link itself with the enterprise and business environment through the continuous development of Mac products and market penetration. Recently, CDRB completed the product development stage. Currently, marketing and licensing on the market are divided into three product series and multiple software products: client products, terminal servers, and access products.

  • iRAPP client product-allows end users to connect to the remote desktop of a Mac in a Windows environment from a PC.
  • iRAPP terminal service product-enables a large number of terminal users to remotely access Mac computer applications stored on the central server through computers or mobile devices.
  • iRAPP Terminal Server and Access Products-Provide additional access methods and functions for Code Rebel’s terminal service products.

Code Rebel Corporation is committed to developing revolutionary technologies for easy interconnection (access & communication) between different computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Code Rebel (CDRB) investment:

Code Rebel Corporation landed on Nasdaq at the 2015-5-19 IPO, stock code: CDRB, issued 2 million shares at an issue price of US$5, and raised US$10 million.

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