Environmental consulting: Ecology & Environment (EEI) (1970)

Ecology & Environment, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEI) was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Lancaster, New York, USA. It has 705 full-time employees. It is an environmental consulting company that provides professional services to government and private clients in 122 countries around the world. Services, with more than 40 offices around the world.

Ecology and Environment Inc Logo

Ecology & Environment (EEI):

Ecology and Environment, Inc. is an environmental consulting company that provides professional services to governments and private companies around the world. Its main business includes:

1. Provide support services such as response and on-site assessment in response to oil spills, petroleum products, hazardous materials leakage, anti-personnel weapon pollution and pollutant threats.

2. Ecology and Environment Corporation also undertakes task order contracts, including pollution remediation and hazardous waste remediation activities, and preparation of environmental impact documents for federal land management agencies; providing services at various stages of energy development, including analysis of important functions/fatal defects , Social and health impact assessment, feasibility and site selection studies, permits, construction inspections and compliance monitoring.

3. Conceive and design environmental restoration projects, restore affected habitats through the integration of biological and engineering solutions; and provide sustainability, resilience, and climate adaptation services, as well as environmental planning and evaluation and military planning services.

4. Provide logistical support, emergency response/management services, and comprehensive planning of the company and the state, state, county, and city governments at different stages of incident management, including preparation, disaster reduction, response and recovery; for industrial and government customers, hazardous waste On-site survey provision, engineering design, operation and maintenance of on-site evaluation.

5. Management and financial planning, institutional strengthening and standard development, water supply and development, wastewater treatment, and solid waste project supervision tasks.

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