Environmental energy fluid industry equipment manufacturer: CECO Environmental (CECE)

CECO Environmental Corp. (NASDAQ: CECE) was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with 880 full-time employees. It is a pollution control and control company that provides key solutions for the global environment, energy and fluid treatment and filtration industries. Program.

CECO Environmental

Ceco Environmental CECO Environmental Corp. (CECE):

CECO Environmental Corp. is divided into three divisions to operate : Energy, Environmental and Fluid Handling and Filtration.

1. Energy ——Provide gas turbine exhaust systems, dampers and shunts, gas and liquid separation and filtering equipment, selective catalytic reduction and selective non-catalytic reduction systems, acoustic components and silencers, secondary Separator and expansion joint. The product brands of this department include: PEERLESS, PEERLESS-AARDING, ZHONGLI, EFFOX-FLEXTOR, ADWEST, CCA COMBUSTION SYSTEMS, BURGESS-AARDING, AVC SPECIALISTS.

2. Environmental —— design and manufacture cyclone system; washing system; regenerative heat and catalytic oxidant; dust collector and bag filter; standard and engineering industrial piping products; fabric filter and cartridge collector; exhaust and pollutant Ventilation and exhaust system; steel processing cooling system in rolling mill. The department also provides components for industrial air systems; as well as alternatives to traditional duct components, and custom metal engineering manufacturing services. The product brands of this department include: EMTROL-BUELL, KIRK & BLUM, HEE-DUALL, ADWEST, KB DUCT, FLEX-KLEEN, FISHER-KLOSTERMAN EMTROL and BUSCH INTERNATIONAL.

3. Fluid Handling and Filtration ——Design and manufacture centrifugal pumps used in corrosive environments and high-temperature liquids: filtration products for air and liquid filtration; precious metal recovery systems; carbonate precipitators; and for aquariums Pavilion (fish tank ventilation system) / aquaculture, electroplating and metal finishing, food and beverage, chemical / petrochemical, wastewater treatment, seawater desalination and air flow and exhaust systems for the pharmaceutical market. The product brands of this department include: MET-PRO GLOBAL PUMP SOLUTIONS, CECO Global Pump Solutions, DEAN PUMP, FYBROC, SETHCO, STROBIC AIR TECHNOLOGIES, MEFIAG FILTRATION, CECO FILTERS, KEYSTONE FILTER.

Ceco Environmental Corporation sells its products and services to natural gas processors, refineries, power plants, boiler manufacturers and compressor manufacturers, natural gas transmission and distribution, metals and minerals, industrial manufacturing, engineering and construction companies through direct sales or sales representatives.

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