eToro: Permanently 0 commissions and 0 handling fees in Europe, the United States and Hong Kong brokerage + joint investment of China Ping An and CMIG

1. Introduction to eToro

eToro is the world’s leading social investment platform. As of January 2019, eToro had more than 10 million users worldwide, covering more than 140 countries and regions. Through eToro, you can trade more than 1,300 European and American stocks, 52 Hong Kong stocks, 13 indexes, 6 commodities, 83 ETF funds, 31 CopyPortfolios™ copy funds, and communicate with global investors anytime, anywhere. , Share trading strategies, view other investors’ transaction records, and easily copy top investors’ transactions for free!

EToro’s investors include: Ping An of China, the Russian Federal Reserve Bank and Commerzbank’s 420 million yuan financing, and the latest US$50 million investment in the E-round financing on April 17, 2018. Financial Holdings Limited, etc.

eToro’s partners include: Microsoft, Lufax Holdings, China Europe International Business School, Peking University Youth Think Tank Association, Tottenham Hotspur and other 7 Premier League teams.

eToro’s supervision includes: Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) 491139 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory number 583263. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulatory license number 109/10.

Preferential account opening link: >>> Cash reward preferential account opening link <<<

2. Advantages of eToro

  • 1 [Efficient account opening] 30 seconds to register, no offline witness, easy verification
  • 2 [Subject richness] One account to invest in European stocks, US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, ETFs, stock indexes, commodities, etc.
  • 3【Safe and regular】Investment by China Ping An, CMIG, etc., three top global regulatory licenses
  • 4【Multiple accounts】Support up to 20 times financing account and long-short trading
  • 5 [Fast Deposit] Support multiple deposit methods, no foreign exchange, fast deposit; 3-5 working days for withdrawal
  • 6 [Funds Security] The users themselves are hosted in the trust accounts of major regulatory banks, and customer funds are separated from company operating funds
  • 7 [Inexpensive fees] 0 commissions, 0 handling fees, free real-time market quotation, only charge for transaction spreads (calculation method see later)
  • 8 [Social Copy] You can view the trading portfolio of outstanding investors overseas, and copy the copy with one click to achieve the same proportion of income

3. Charge details


*CFD involves high leverage and high risk, the loss may exceed your investment amount, please invest with caution.

4. Etoro account opening guide

Please use the discount link to open an account to get the most discount >>> eToro discount account opening link

After clicking the account opening link, continue to click “Join Now” on the page to register and open an account.


5. Identity verification

You must go through a verification process when registering on the eToro platform. To comply with regulatory requirements, we must verify every new eToro account. This ensures the safety of our platform and prevents abnormal operations. You can scan and upload documents directly to the platform using the eToro app.

personal I.D

Your file should contain your name, date of birth, clear photo, date of issuance, and if there is an expiration date, the date must also be clearly visible. Passport is the preferred identification document because eToro has the fastest passport verification process. In addition, you can also use a driver’s license or other government-issued identification documents. If the document has two sides and the back also contains relevant information, please make sure to upload the scanned copy of the back.

All information on the file must be clearly visible


The complete file should be uploaded, and specific parts must not be covered and focused


proof of address

The document should include your full name, address and date of issue, and the date of issue must not be earlier than 6 months ago. The name or logo of the issuing organization should also be clearly visible. Please be sure to place your document on a background plate with a different background color for scanning, so that the four corners of the document are clearly legible.

The following documents can be used as proof of address:

● Bank statement

● Credit card bill

● Electricity, water or gas bills

● Municipal tax documents

● Tax documents

● Formal housing lease agreement-issued by the leasing agency

● Employer’s Letter

Documents should be laid flat when scanning

etoro5 1

Do not obscure any content, the four corners of the document must be clearly visible


*Please note that if your proof of address is taken from an electronic document, we also accept screenshots.

The verification process may take a few days, and you will be notified when the account verification is complete. You can also track the verification status through the eToro platform. A green check mark next to the user name on the user profile page indicates that the account has been verified.

Our team will review your files and update your verification status, so there is no need to ask customer service to inquire about the verification process. If your document is not approved, we will send you an email detailing the information you need to provide. To avoid missing emails, please add eToro to your “Safe Contacts” list in your email settings.

*This article is not investment advice. All transactions involve risks. Please invest only in capital that you can afford to lose.

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