Extreme sports tide brand: Zumiez, Inc. (ZUMZ) (1978)

Zumiez, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZUMZ) was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington, USA. It has 2,575 full-time employees. It is a trendy extreme sports brand that provides professional extreme sports related clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories.

Zumiez ZUMZ logo

Zumiez (ZUMZ):

Zumiez Inc. is an American professional clothing store, founded by Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson in 1978, and has been publicly listed since 2005. The company is a retailer of clothing, footwear, accessories and young men and women. Zumiez sells sportswear, especially skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross.

Zumiez is a multi-channel operator of extreme sports apparel, footwear, accessories and retail stores. The company’s stores focus on the sales of young men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories for skateboarding, skiing, surfing, motocross and biking.

As of February 3, 2018, Zumiez has opened a total of 698 Zumiez, Blue Tomato and Fast Times brand chain stores, including 607 in the United States, 50 in Canada, 34 in Europe, and 7 in Australia.

As of February 29, 2020, Zumiez operates 718 stores under the names of Zumiez, Blue Tomato and Fast Times, including 607 stores in the United States, 52 stores in Canada, 48 stores in Europe and 11 stores in Australia store.

In addition to chain physical stores, the company also engages in e-commerce sales services through, and

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