Fabless semiconductor company: Lingyun Semiconductor Cirrus Logic (CRUS) (1984)

Lingyun Semiconductor Cirrus Logic Inc. (NASDAQ: CRUS) was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with 1,551 full-time employees. It is a fabless semiconductor company that develops analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a series of consumer and industrial markets.

Cirrus Logic CRUS Logo

Lingyun Semiconductor Cirrus Logic (CRUS):

The audio products provided by Lingyun Semiconductor include codecs, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, active noise reduction circuits, amplifiers and microphones for MEMS, and independent digital signal processors.

In addition, Cirrus Logic’s audio products are used in a variety of mobile devices, including: smartphones, tablets, portable media players, accessories (such as headphones, etc.).

Lingyun semiconductor products are mainly used in consumer applications, including notebook computers, audio/video receivers, home theater systems, set-top boxes, portable speakers, digital cameras, musical instruments, professional audio products, and automotive applications, including satellite radio systems, telematics and Multi-speaker car audio system, etc.

Cirrus Logic’s products are also used in a variety of high-precision industrial and energy-related applications, including: digital meters, power supplies, energy control, energy metering and energy development equipment.

Cirrus Logic is committed to broad audio and energy markets develops high-precision analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, audio and industrial markets most respected consumer brands, Apple ( the Apple ), Samsung (Samsung), Sony (Sony) , Matsushita (Panasonic), Philips (Philips), Boston (Bose), Harman international (Harman international), IO, Onkyo (Onkyo), Marantz (Marantz), pioneer (pioneer) and other well-known brand suppliers.

Lingyun Semiconductor sells its products mainly through its direct sales force, sales representatives and distributors.

Lingyun Semiconductor Cirrus Logic (CRUS) History:

  • 1981-Dr. Suhas Patil founded Patil Systems Inc. in Salt Lake City;
  • 1984-Patil Systems Inc. changed its name to Cirrus Logic and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley;
  • 1989-Lingyun Semiconductor IPO listed on Nasdaq, stock code: CRUS;
  • 1991-Cirrus Logic acquired Crystal Semiconductor;
  • 1992-Cirrus Logic completed the transaction with Acumos Inc.;
  • 1998-Cirrus Logic withdrew from the PC graphics business;
  • 1998-David D. French joined the company and became chairman and COO;
  • February 1999-David D. French became CEO;
  • Autumn 1999-Lingyun Semiconductor divested its communications business unit;
  • 2001-Cirrus Logic announced plans to withdraw from the magnetic storage chip business;
  • 2001-Cirrus Logic acquired several start-up companies with video decoding, video encoding, wireless network and network digital audio technology;
  • 2003-Cirrus Logic closed the wireless network department;
  • 2005-Cirrus Logic sold its video product assets to an investment company and founded Magnum Semiconductor (the company maintains a minority stake);
  • 2007-Jason Rhode, former vice president and general manager of Cirrus’ Mixed-Signal Audio, took over as president and CEO of the company;
  • July 2007-Cirrus Logic acquired Apex Microtechnology. Later, Cirrus Logic acquired the bankrupt audio chip company Tripath;
  • April 2012-Cirrus Logic co-founder and chairman of the board of directors Michael Hackworth passed away.
  • 2012-Lingyun Semiconductor sold its hybrid product line in Arizona to investors and established an independent company-Apex Microtechnology;
  • 2014-Cirrus Logic acquired Wolfson Microelectronics for £291 million.
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