Fitness and health improvement plan provider: Tivity Health, Inc. (TVTY) (1981)

Tivity Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: TVTY) was founded in 1981, formerly known as Healthways Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: HWAY), changed to its current name in January 2017, and launched a new stock code , Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, USA, 500 full-time employees, together with its affiliates, provide fitness and health improvement programs in the United States.

Tivity Health

Tivity Health, Inc. (TVTY):

The services provided by Tivity Health include:

  1. Provide the SilverSneakers senior fitness program (SilverSneakers senior fitness program) for Medicare members and retirees;
  2. Prime fitness, a fitness facility access plan through commercial health plans, employers and insurance exchanges;
  3. WholeHealth Living Network, mainly applicable to commercial health planners;
  4. WholeHealth Living network provides supplementary medical services for individuals through health plans and employers seeking health services, including: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, etc.

Tivity Health, Inc. (TVTY) History:

  • In 1981, the company was founded;
  • In 2006, the company name was changed from American Healthways (NASDAQ: AMHC) to Healthways (NASDAQ: HWAY);
  • In 2009, Healthways acquired HealthHonors;
  • In 2011, Healthways acquired Navvis & Company;
  • In 2013, Healthways and The Lampo Group, Inc. reached an exclusive agreement, and Healthways can include the latter’s CORE Financial Wellness project as part of its Well-Being Improvement Solution;
  • In 2013, Healthways reached an authorization and agreement with Dean Ornish to operate its Lifestyle Management Programs;
  • In July 2016, Healthways sold its Total Population Health Services and 2 Emerging Solutions businesses to the private holding company ShareCare;
  • In January 2017, Healthways (NASDAQ: HWAY) was renamed Tivity Health (NASDAQ: TVTY).
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