Food and beverage company: Lifeway Foods (LWAY) (1986)

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ:LWAY) was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Morton Grove, Illinois, USA, with 370 full-time employees. It is a diversified food company, together with its subsidiaries, that manufactures and sells probiotics , Breeding and functional dairy health food.

Lifeway Foods

Lifeway Foods (LWAY):

Lifeway Foods was founded by Ukrainian immigrant Michael Smolyansky. Ten years after moving to the United States, he discovered the fermented milk drink kefir at the food show and decided to start production. The company started in Michael’s basement, but soon went public. After Michael’s death in 2002, his daughter Julie Smolyanski took over the company.

Its main products include:

  1. kefir , a variety of dairy beverages used in breakfast or snacks; and as an ingredient in healthy and home-prepared foods, and as a base for dressings, soaks, marinades, soups or sauces.
  2. ProBugs , a kind of frozen milk products in bags for children to drink;
  3. Frozen kefir
  4. Lifeway Farmer Cheese, the product line of Farmer Cheese.

Lifeway Foods sells its products through distributors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as retailers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Dubai, Hong Kong, China and the Caribbean.

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