Fruit and vegetable processing: Fresh Del Monte Produce (FDP) (1886)

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. (NYSE: FDP) was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. It has 47,000 full-time employees and is a vegetable and fruit processor.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Logo

Fresh Del Monte Produce (FDP):

Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing Company mainly provides all kinds of fresh cut fruits and vegetables to retail stores, wholesalers, distributors, catering companies, etc.

  1. Fresh fruit products include: banana, pineapple, melon, tomato, grape, apple, pear, peach, plum, sweet peach, cherry, citrus, avocado, blueberry, kiwi, strawberry, plantain, mango, etc.;
  2. Prepared foods include: processed fruits, vegetables, beverages, snacks, poultry and meat products, etc.;
  3. Vegetable products include: potatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, etc.;
  4. In addition, Fresh Del Monte Produce is also involved in shipping and plastic products business. Plastic products include trash cans, pallets, plastic bags, plastic boxes, etc.

Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing’s brands include DEL MONTE, UTC, Rosy, Fruit Express, Just Juice, Fruitini, etc.

The history of Fresh Del Monte Produce (FDP):

  • 1886 The name Del Monte first appeared on food;
  • 1892 Del Monte® brand was founded;
  • 1909 The name Del Monte first appeared on canned products;
  • 1920 California Packing Corporation (CalPak) established strict quality standards for its leading Del Monte® brand;
  • 1955 Released Del Monte® Pineapple Grapefruit Drink;
  • 1967 CalPak was renamed Del Monte Corporation because its brand was known for a long time;
  • 1968 Del Monte Corporation acquired West Indies Tropical Fruit Company in Florida;
  • 1979 Del Monte Corporation shareholders approved the company’s merger with RJ Reynolds Industries;
  • 1989 Del Monte Corporation was split into two separate independent entities: Del Monte Tropical Fruit and Del Monte Foods;
  • 1993 Del Monte Tropical Fruit changed its name to Fresh Del Monte Produce NV;
  • 1996 Fresh Del Monte Produce NV was acquired by Freshglo Limited registered in the Cayman Islands;
  • In May 1997, Freshglo Limited was renamed Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.;
  • In October 1997, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. IPO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code: FDP;
  • 1998 Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing acquired several branch companies from its parent company IAT Group Inc.;
  • 2002 Fresh Del Monte Produce acquired the chilled division of British Fisher Foods Limited and entered the cold cuts market;
  • 2003 Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing acquired Standard Fruit and Vegetable Co., Inc. located in Dallas, USA;
  • 2003 Fresh Del Monte Produce acquired 100% of Envases Industriales de Costa Rica SA (ENVACO);
  • 2003 Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing acquired the Polish fresh fruit and vegetable distribution company Expans Sp. 2.0.0.;
  • 2003 Fresh Del Monte Produce acquired Country Best Produce, a leading processing and packaging company on the East Coast of the United States;
  • 2004 Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing acquired Del Monte Foods Europe;
  • 2008 Fresh Del Monte Produce acquired Costa Rican group Caribana;
  • 2013 Del Monte Fresh Manufacturing acquired agricultural production land, packaging workshops and farm equipment in Florida and Virginia.
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