Garment processing and manufacturing: Superior Group of Companies (SGC)

Superior Group of Companies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGC) was established in 1920, formerly known as Superior Uniform Group, Inc., changed its current name in May 2018, and is headquartered in Semin, Florida Seminole, with 3,400 full-time employees, is a company that manufactures and sells clothing and accessories in the United States and internationally.

Superior Uniform Group

Superior Group of Companies (SGC):

For nearly 100 years, Superior Group of Companies has provided the world’s most famous companies with tools to unleash the power of their brands. The company does its utmost to help these brands with a series of products and services that are carefully tailored to solve business challenges. The company’s customers trust Superior Uniform-their brand with their most valuable asset. The Premium Uniform Clothing Group honors this trust with its commitment to quality, value, professionalism, and an extraordinary experience for customers and employees.

Superior Group of Companies is divided into 3 divisions to operate: Uniforms and Related Products, Remote Staffing Solutions and Promotional Products.

  • Uniforms and Related Products-for hospitals and medical institutions; hotels; catering service facilities; retail stores; general and special industrial uses; commercial markets; transportation; public and private security organizations; and other services for personnel production and sales Uniforms, corporate image clothing, professional clothing and accessories. It also provides a variety of products directly related to uniforms and service clothing; industrial laundry bags for linen suppliers and industrial laundries; and for brand marketing plans, event promotions, rewards and incentives for employees and consumers, and professional packaging And displayed promotions and related products. The division sells its products under the Fashion Seal Healthcare, HPI and WonderWink brand names.
  • Remote Staffing Solutions-Provide multilingual telemarketing and business process outsourcing solutions by recruiting and hiring qualified English-speaking agents.
  • Promotional Products-Produce and sell promotional products and branded products under the BAMKO, Public Identity and Tangerine brands to corporate customers and universities.

US stock investment of Superior Group of Companies (SGC):

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