Gastrointestinal and Diabetes Diagnostic Kit Supplier: Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA)

Biomerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: BMRA) was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. It has 54 full-time employees and together with its subsidiaries. It develops, manufactures and sells medical diagnostic products for early detection and monitoring of chronic diseases and medical conditions.


Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA):

Since 1971, Biomerica has developed, manufactured and distributed medical diagnostic products for the early detection and monitoring of chronic diseases and certain diseases. The company’s test kits and equipment are sold in three markets: clinical laboratories, physician’s offices, and over-the-counter drugs (pharmacies).

Biomerica’s diagnostic test kits are used to analyze patients’ blood, urine or stool samples to diagnose various diseases and other medical complications; or to measure the levels of specific hormones, antibodies, antigens or other substances, which are very small The concentration exists in the human body.

Biomerica mainly provides gastrointestinal diseases, food intolerance, diabetes and various esoteric test products for medical points and hospitals/clinical laboratories around the world.

Biomerica is also developing InFoods, an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment technology and diagnostic-guided treatment. The research aims to determine that specific foods removed from the patient’s diet can alleviate the symptoms of IBS.

Biomerica is proud of its more than 30 years of product innovation history in several major clinical areas. It is the first company to manufacture and market tests in the following areas:

  • Myoglobin (heart disease)
  • H. Pylori (digestive system disease)
  • Histamine (allergic)
  • Colon disease self-test (digestion)
  • Early detection of diabetes (diabetes)
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