Gene sequencing company: Myriad Genetics (MYGN) (1991)

Myriad Genetics, Inc., (NASDAQ: MYGN) was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah , USA . The company has 2,400 full-time employees and is a genetic sequencing and molecular diagnostic company.

Myriad Genetics

Myriad Genetics (MYGN):

Myriad Genetics is a molecular diagnostic company that focuses on the development and marketing of gene sequencing, personalized medical tests, and prognostic medical tests in the United States and internationally. It is the same field as Invitae Corporation (NVTA) , but the research is different.

Wanji Genetics’ business is mainly divided into three parts: genetic research, molecular diagnostics, and pharmaceutical and clinical services.

The company’s molecular diagnostic test analyzes and diagnoses through the analysis of genes, predicts the risk and probability of the tester’s later life, and prescribes targeted gene therapy methods based on the evaluation of each tester. The well-known American movie star Angelina Jolie performed mastectomy based on the genetic sequencing results of Myriad Genetics, which showed that her risk of breast cancer is very high.

Wanji Genetics provides a variety of molecular diagnostic tests, including BRAC and BART analysis, to predict hereditary breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, uterine cancer and hereditary melanoma. In addition, Myriad Genetics’ myPath technology can predict and diagnose melanoma and lung cancer; myRisk can predict hereditary cancer; PANEXIA can predict pancreatic cancer; PREZEON provides personalized cancer detection; Prolaris predicts prostate cancer; Vectra DA predicts and diagnoses rheumatoid arthritis .

In addition to molecular testing (gene sequencing), Wanji Genetics is also involved in many fields such as biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical research, multiplexed immune kits, whole blood cultures, and pre-toxicity tests in humans.

Myriad Genetics (MYGN) investment:

Myriad Genetics was granted a patent for the use of the two breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 as early as 1998. The company has developed a method to diagnose whether these two genes are mutated. Significant profits from related patents (patents expired in 2014). At present, some global biomedical companies represented by Myriad have begun to provide personal genetic diagnosis services to inform subjects of the health codes hidden in their genes, such as what diseases they may have in the future and how much risk they are. Analysts said that the future of genetic diagnosis is very bright, and the market may usher in a “blue ocean” era in the next few years.

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