German utility company: Uniper SE (FWB:UN01)

Uniper SE (FWB:UN01) is an energy company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, formerly known as E.ON Energy Company of Germany, with 11,752 full-time employees. Uniper SE began independent operations on January 1, 2016. Its assets are mainly traditional power generation assets under the original E.ON , energy trading, and hydropower assets in Northern Europe. As of June 26, 2018, Uniper SE operates as a subsidiary of Fortum Participation Limited.


Uniper SE (FWB:UN01) information:

On December 1, 2014, E.ON SE announced that the company will be divided into two, the original company (Eon Group) will focus on renewable energy, and another newly established and publicly listed company—— Uniper SE (FWB:UN01) focuses on conventional energy and global energy trade, development and production. Uniper SE’s assets are mainly traditional power generation assets and energy trading under the original E.ON, as well as hydropower assets in Northern Europe. On January 1, 2016, the new company Uniper SE was spun off from E.ON and operated independently.

Uniper SE operates in the European power generation market, the global commodity market and the international power generation field. The company owns and operates various power and thermal power generation facilities, including coal, natural gas, oil, natural gas and steam combined fossil fuel power plants; and hydropower, nuclear, biomass, photovoltaic, and wind power plants.

In addition, Uniper SE also sells energy services, including fuel procurement, engineering, operations, maintenance and trade services under the Energy Services brand; and provides electricity and natural gas supplies to industrial customers and energy partners, including Germany and neighboring countries Municipalities and regional utilities.

Furthermore, Uniper also purchases fuel, engages in various transactions in emission allowances and electricity markets; imports natural gas from various sources; invests in infrastructure; trades and sells energy; and manages power plants.

In addition, Uniper Group is also engaged in commodity trading, including electricity, natural gas, LNG, coal and freight, climate solutions, and energy consulting services for energy suppliers, utilities and industrial customers; providing district heating and online gas dispatch services ; And operate natural gas storage and electricity to natural gas facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK.

Uniper operates in Germany, Britain, Sweden, France, Benelux countries, Russia, North America and internationally.

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