Global transportation company: Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors (FTAI) (2013)

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (NASDAQ: FTAI) was established on October 23, 2013 and is headquartered in New York, USA. It is a company that acquires and operates high-quality As a global infrastructure and equipment company for the transportation of goods and people, the company invests in four industries: aviation, energy, multimodal transportation and railways.

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors (FTAI):

In general, the target assets acquired by Fortress are assets and businesses that can generate stable and strong cash flow based on the merger with the company’s current business. The company’s existing asset portfolio can provide significant performance, stable cash flow and organic growth. potential. In addition, Fortress believes that at present, with the help of its manager’s expertise and smooth financing channels, there are a large number of acquisition opportunities in its industry, coupled with the entry of Fortress capital, will enable it to make full use of these opportunities.

As of August 2017, Fengbao Transportation Infrastructure Investment Company is divided into 5 departments to operate: Aviation Leasing (aviation leasing), Offshore Energy (offshore energy), Shipping Containers (shipping containers), Jefferson Terminal (Jefferson Terminal), And Railroad (railroad).

  1. Aviation Leasing-Owns and manages 92 aviation assets, including 26 aircraft and 66 commercial jet engines.
  2. Offshore Energy-owns and leases ships and equipment that support offshore oil and gas activities, including an anchor handling towing supply (AHTS) fleet, a construction support fleet, and a remote vehicle (ROV) support fleet.
  3. Shipping Containers-engaged in operations, financial leasing, acquisition and leasing of containers, with rights and interests including approximately 76,000 shipping containers and related equipment.
  4. Jefferson Terminal-develops a multi-mode crude oil and refined product processing terminal in Port Beaumont, Texas; owns other assets involved in the transportation and processing of crude oil and related products.
  5. Railroad-has a short railway from Montreal to the east coast of Maine, mainly used to transport pulp and paper, construction products and chemicals.

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC provides services to operators of transportation and infrastructure networks, including airlines, offshore energy service providers and shipping companies.

Fortress is a holding subsidiary of FIG LLC . The FIG professional team has acquired more than $17 billion in assets in transportation-related industries since 2002.

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors (FTAI) investment:

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (NASDAQ: FTAI) conducted an IPO with FENX on 5/15/2015 with an issue price of US$17 and 20 million shares. Raised 340 million US dollars, stock code: FTAI.

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