Helicopter transportation and training company: Bristow Group (BRS) (1953)

Bristow Group, Inc. (NYSE: BRS) was founded in 1953, formerly known as Offshore Logistics Inc., changed its current name in February 2006, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, full-time employees With 5,232 people, it is a company that provides helicopter transportation services for oil producers. Its main business is to transport personnel and equipment between crude oil producers’ onshore bases and offshore production platforms, drilling platforms and other facilities.

Bristow Group Inc Logo

Bristow Group (BRS):

The Bristow Group provides helicopter transportation services for the offshore energy industry, mainly used to transport personnel between onshore bases and offshore production platforms, drilling platforms and other facilities, and to transport time-based equipment to these offshore locations. The scope of the Bristow Group Including Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Caspian Sea in Europe.

In addition, Bristow also provides helicopter flight training services through its subsidiary Bristow Academy for commercial pilots, flight instructors, and military training services.

In addition, Bristow Group also provides helicopter maintenance and production support services, as well as search and rescue services for oil and weather companies.

As of March 31, 2015, the Bristol Group of Companies operated 501 helicopters.

History of Bristow Group (BRS):

  • In June 1953, the company was founded by Alan Bristow, then called Bristow Helicopters (from Air Whaling Limited);
  • In 1985, Bristow Helicopters acquired British and Commonwealth Holdings plc.;
  • In 1986, Bristow Helicopters was acquired by Offshore Logistics, an aviation logistics company;
  • In February 2006, Offshore Logistics Inc. changed its name to Bristow Group, Inc.;
  • In April 2007, The Bristow Group acquired Helicopter Adventures, Florida flight training learning, and subsequently renamed it Bristow Academy.
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