High-end watch manufacturer: Movado Group (MOV) (1881)

Movado Group, Inc. (NYSE: MOV) was founded in 1881, formerly known as North American Watch Corporation, and changed to its current name in 1996. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, USA, with 1,100 full-time employees, in the United States And internationally engaged in the design, development, sales and marketing of high-end watches.

Movado Group Inc

Movado Group (MOV):

Movado Group is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-end watches, and is divided into two departments to operate: Wholesale and Retail.

Movado mainly provides watches from Coach , Concord, Ebel, ESQ Movado, Scuderia Ferrari, HUGO BOSS , Juicy Couture , Lacoste, Movado, Tommy Hilfiger and other brands to chain jewelry stores, department stores, independent regional jewelers, authorized retail stores and Independent dealer network.

Movado Group Brands

In addition, Movado also provides after-sales service and delivery services.

In addition, Movado has opened 40 Atlas stores in the United States.

History of Movado Group (MOV):

  • In 1881, Achilles Ditesheim founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland;
  • In 1983, Gedalio Grinberg bought the company;
  • On February 23, 1999, Movado Group, Inc. completed the sale of Piaget business to VLG North America, Inc. for US$30 million;
  • In 2006, Movado celebrated its 125th anniversary;
  • The current CEO and chairman of the board of directors of the company are Efraim Grinberg, the son of Gedalio Grinberg.
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