Home care and medical service company: BioScrip (BIOS) (1993)

BioScrip, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIOS) was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It has 1,844 full-time employees. It provides home infusion services in the United States and provides personal clinical medical management for intractable diseases.

BioScrip Logo

BioScrip (BIOS):

Bysp Health provides home infusion and other family medical services. As a partner of patients, doctors, hospitals, medical payers and drug manufacturers, it provides clinical management solutions and provides prescription drugs and family medical services. BioScrip services mainly improve the clinical effects of patients with chronic and acute medical conditions, while controlling overall medical expenses.

BioScrip’s business is divided into three departments: infusion services, family medical services and pharmaceutical welfare management services.

  1. Infusion service department: The services provided include home infusion therapy, respiratory therapy and the provision of durable medical equipment products and services. The department also includes medicines for dispensing and infusion, which are generally used for equipment that requires additional care and clinical management services, for the management of correct dosages and patient training, to improve the treatment effect of patients.
  2. Family medical service department: Provide professional nursing and on-site treatment, private duty nursing service, hospice care service, rehabilitation service and medical social service for patients at home.
  3. Drug welfare management service department: Provide customers and patients with drugs and services obtained from online drug suppliers, including discount card plans, design plans and claims processing.
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