Horace Mann Insurance Company: Horace Mann Educators Corporation (HMN) (1945)

Horace Mann Insurance Company (Horace Mann Education Group) Horace Mann Educators Corporation (NYSE: HMN) was founded by Carrol Hall and Leslie Nimmo in 1945. It is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, USA, and employs 46 full-time employees. Subsidiary, an insurance company operating a variety of insurance products in the United States.

Horace Mann Educators Corporation Logo

Horace Mann Educators Corporation (HMN):

Horace Mann Educators CorporationHollersman Insurance Company is a holding company, which is mainly divided into 4 departments to operate: Property and Casualty Insurance, Annuity Products, Life Insurance, Corporate and Other Businesses (Corporate and Other).

Horace Mann Educators Corporation mainly sells and underwrites personal property insurance, auto insurance-based injury insurance, home property insurance, retirement annuities, and American life insurance products through its holding subsidiaries.

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