How about Futu Securities? Tencent’s Hong Kong and U.S. stock broker Futu Securities account opening guide 2020+ bonus shares

1. Introduction to Futu Securities

Futu Securities is a Hong Kong and US stocks internet brokerage invested by Tencent. It is also a licensed corporation recognized by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission (Central Code: AZT137). It holds Type 1, 2, 4, and 9 licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Investment in US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, and A shares.

Futu Securities is a NASDAQ listed company, stock code: FHL, the company’s major shareholder is Tencent (holding 38.2% of the shares), and the founder Li Hua is Tencent’s 18th founding employee. Futu is known in the industry as ” “Tencent is a brokerage firm”, so Futu can be regarded as half of Tencent’s “child.”

Open an account through the preferential link or QR code provided by this site, and you can get it immediately after opening an account: 180 days long commission-free + real-time free market quotations for Hong Kong/US/A shares + deposits of more than 20,000 Hong Kong dollars, and a lucky draw (worth 130 HKD~1,000 USD) ) + Free assistance in handling Hong Kong bank cards +………..

Preferential account opening link : >>>Commission-free transaction + special preferential link for account opening and stock bonus<<<

Mobile phone users can scan the QR code to open an account and get the same commission-free discount.

futudu 1

Futu Securities’ financing history:

  • In October 2014, Tencent , Matrix Partners China, and Sequoia Capital invested heavily and completed Series A financing
  • In May 2015, Tencent, Matrix Partners China and Sequoia Capital pursued investment and completed Series B financing
  • In May 2017, the Series C financing was completed, and Tencent, Jingwei China, and Sequoia Capital invested heavily in three times
  • On December 28, 2018, Futu Securities submitted the US stock IPO prospectus
  • On March 8, 2019, Futu Securities IPO listed on Nasdaq, raising US$120 million

Opening an account with Futu Securities through the Home of Stocks offers the following benefits:

  1. No need to exchange foreign currency, a sum of money to speculate in Hong Kong and US stocks
  2. Free real-time quotations of Hong Kong/US/A shares
  3. 180-day extra-long commission-free period for Hong Kong stocks
  4. The first deposit reaches 20,000 HKD to get lucky draw chance (worth 130 HKD to 1,000 USD)
  5. Support dark market trading, odd lot trading
  6. One-to-one VIP service for account managers (please add Futu Securities@美股Wiki exclusive service group through the QR code below this group to get detailed instructions)
  7. Assist customers in handling Hong Kong bank cards
  8. Affordable commission plan: Hong Kong stocks commission is 3 thousand, the minimum is 3 yuan, the US stocks commission is 0.0049 US dollars per share, the minimum is 0.99 US dollars per transaction
  9. The Hong Kong Investor Compensation Fund provides protection of 150,000 Hong Kong dollars, and the US Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) provides protection of 500,000 US dollars
  10. Extended reading: Comparison of US stock brokers

2. Opening an account with Futu Securities

Futu only requires an ID card to open an account, without any capital threshold. You only need to register through the link below and follow the prompts to complete the process of filling in the information. After submission, wait for the customer service to approve the approval. Generally, the account will be officially opened within one working day. After activation, you will receive SMS reminders, which is very simple.

Futu Securities 180-day commission-free + free lucky draw special discount link


3. Exclusive benefits

In order to give back to the fans of the US Stocks Home, I have applied for the following benefits from Futu:

1. Register through my link, and you can receive 180-day Hong Kong stocks commission-free account opening benefits. During the commission-free period, the Hong Kong Stock Connect will be free of commission + deposit 20,000 Hong Kong dollars and get a 400 Hong Kong dollar stock card .

Registration link : >>>Special discount link for commission-free trading<<<

Mobile phone users can scan the QR code to open an account (same discount):

futuerweima 2

2. Open an account through this site and make a deposit for the first time, and you can enjoy benefits: upon completion of account opening, you will get a free commission for Hong Kong stocks for 180 days , and you will get a HKD 400 stock card if you deposit more than HKD 20,000.

After opening an account, you can scan the QR code below to join the QQ service group ( group number: 746426147, verification: Home of American Stocks ). After joining, the official staff will answer questions and guide at any time.

futu258 3

Fourth, the process of depositing funds

Deposit funds can be divided into two types : Mainland bank card deposit and Hong Kong bank card deposit. After transferring funds through online banking, remember to keep a screenshot of the remittance and notify Futu:

futu rujin

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This article does not constitute investment advice!

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