In-store advertising service company: Insignia Systems (ISIG)

Insignia Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISIG) was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with 56 full-time employees. It is a company that develops and markets in-store advertising for retailers and consumer packaging manufacturers in the United States and internationally. Products, plans and services of the company.

Insignia Systems

Insignia Systems (ISIG):

Insignia Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of point-of-sale in-store signs and promotional advertising media for consumer product companies and retailers. Insignia is one of three companies in the United States that control almost all in-store advertising and grocery coupons in the United States. The company’s products range from in-store solutions to digital advertising, and are trusted by famous CPGs and retailers across the country to provide a full set of shopper engagement solutions.

Badge Systems currently works with more than 200 CPG customers, who rely on the company’s deep expertise in a dynamic retail environment to help them develop marketing strategies and execute various internal and external strategies. Insignia has also established deep partnerships with top retailers and implemented unique solutions in more than 30,000 stores, from first-party retailer data integration to customized installation practices that promote compliance and return on investment.

Insignia’s main product is the Point-Of-Purchase Services in-store marketing program, which allows manufacturers to provide consumers with product information at the time of purchase and use local retailer brands and store-specific prices.

Insignia’s products also include the POPSign program, a point-of-purchase advertising and promotion program that provides information provided by the manufacturer, such as product uses and functions, nutritional information, advertising slogans, product pictures or usage photos; and freshADS, an advertising vehicle.

In addition, Badge Systems also provides brand equity signage programs; provides adhesives and non-adhesives in various colors, sizes, and weights; and sells laser-printed cards and label supplies.

Insignia Systems (ISIG) History:

  • Insignia Systems was founded on January 2, 1990 by GL Hoffman and David Eiss. The company started operations by selling Impulse sign machines with in-store logos and labels.
  • In 1991, Insignia Systems IPO became a public company, traded on NASDAQ under the ISIG code, and entered the national market in 2002.
  • In 1993, Stylus software was introduced as the predecessor of the future InsigniaPOPS® series, and in 1996 the original Impulse machine was replaced with the SignRight machine.
  • In 1998, the Insignia POPS innovation logo program became the company’s specialty product.
  • In May 1998, the Insignia POPS logo was introduced, and on February 24, 1998, Scott Drill was appointed as the company’s CEO.
  • With the additional guidance provided by Drill and the establishment of the POPS business, the company and the POPS program developed rapidly, reaching 1 million marks in 2001 and 40 million marks in 2011.
  • In 2006 and 2007, Insignia confirmed that it had established a 10-year partnership with Valassis Communications, filling the void in Valassis’ store.
  • In 2011, the company reached a litigation settlement agreement between Insignia Systems, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch News Group, and News America Marketing. The basis of the lawsuit is News America Marketing’s allegations of engaging in various antitrust actions. New America Marketing settled the lawsuit for $125 million, and the two companies signed a commercial agreement that made Insignia the sole third-party provider of in-store signs.
  • In December 2011, Insignia purchased the most advanced laser die cutting machine (die cutting) so that its POP logo can be customized graphically. This new creative ability and the exclusive price of the logo changed Insignia’s business. Due to the success of its logo and increased customization, Insignia POPS has expanded their product line to include Shape POPS, Equity POPS, Shape POPS Premier, Brand POPS and Banner POPS. POPS is still a major part of Insignia Systems’ profits, making them extremely attractive in the field of in-store advertising.
  • In 2013, Insignia Systems launched the Insignia PLUS program. Similar to the Insignia POPS program, Insignia PLUS provides retailers with retailer logos such as marketing plans, aisle navigation signs and private label signs.
  • In 2014, Insignia Systems introduced The Like Machine™ to its in-store marketing solutions lineup. Like Machine™ allows consumers to express product opinions directly on the shelf at the touch of a button. This information is then displayed for future customers to use in their purchasing decisions.
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