Industrial equipment manufacturer: Actuant Corporation (ATU) (1910)

Actuant Corporation (NYSE:ATU) was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA, with 5,600 full-time employees. It is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a series of industrial products and systems around the world.

Actuant Corporation Logo

Actuant Corporation (ATU):

Practical Power Company is a company engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of a series of industrial products and systems around the world. Actuant Corporation is divided into 3 departments to operate: industrial, energy and engineering solutions.

  1. Industrial sector : manufactures and sells branded hydraulic presses and mechanical tools for maintenance, industry, and infrastructure industries, and serves the automation market under the brands Enerpac, Simplex, Precision Sure-Lock, and Milwaukee Cylinder. The main products include: hydraulic tools, lifting equipment, Tooling (production automation).
  2. Energy sector : Provide technical products and services, including joint complete products and services, customized offshore vessel mooring, rope and cable solutions, to the oil and gas, power generation and other energy markets. Provide human resources services, including machining, engineering design and maintenance. It mainly sells its products (brands include: Hydratight, Cortland, Viking SeaTech) to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), maintenance and service organizations, and energy producers.
  3. Engineering solutions : mainly for designing and assembling engineering parts and motion control systems, using Power-Packer, Gits, Power Gear brands to OEM manufacturers and off-road vehicle markets, as well as industrial and agricultural markets for other industrial products. Products include drive systems and power Transmission products, engine air flow management system, manpower, man-machine interface solutions, and other sturdy electronic instruments.

History of Actuant Corporation (ATU):

1910 The company was founded under the name: American Grinder and Manufacturing

1927 Applied Power cooperates with Blackhawk to enter the hydraulic field

Enerpac was founded in 1958

1970 Established Power-Packer

1987 Applied Power IPO listed on Nasdaq

1988 Applied Power acquired Gardner Bender from the Gardner family

1989 Applied Power acquired Barry Wright Corporation

1992 Applied Power transferred to the New York Stock Exchange

1996 Applied Power entered the field of electronic contract manufacturers through the acquisition of Everest

1997 Applied Power acquired Versa Technologies, including Power Gear and Milwaukee Cylinder

1998 Applied Power reorganized and established two departments: the industrial department and the electrical department

2000 Applied Power spun off its electrical business and became an independent listed company-APW Ltd. The remaining part of Applied Power, the former industrial sector, was reorganized and established-Actuant Corporation, which was traded on the NYSE under the ATU code

2001 Applied Power changed its name to Actuant

2003 Practical Power acquired Heinrich Kopp AG (European Electrical)

2004 Actuant Corporation acquired Kwikee Products (RV), Dresco BV (European Electrical)

In 2005, Practical Power acquired Hedley Purvis and Hydratight Sweeney. In the same year, Practical Power completed its largest acquisition so far-the acquisition of Key Components, Inc, including the latter’s subsidiaries: Gits, Marinco, Acme and Elliott

2006 Actuant Corporation acquired 4 companies including DL Ricci, Precision Sure-Lock, Acton and BEP Marine

2007 Practical Power acquired 5 companies including Veha, Injectaseal, Maxima, TTF and BH Electronics for USD 163 million

2008 Actuant Corporation acquired TK Simplex and Superior Plant Services

2009 Practical Power acquired Cortland

2011 Actuant Corporation acquired Mastervolt and Weasler Engineering for US$300 million

2012 Practical Power acquired Australia Jeyco Pty. Ltd., Brazil Turotest, Sweden CrossControl AB

2013 Actuant Corporation divested Actuant Electrical division

2013 Practical Power acquired Viking Sea Tech

2014 Mark Goldstein became President and CEO of Actuant Corporation

2015 Practical Power acquired Hayes Industries, Ltd for US$31 million

2016 Randy Baker became President and CEO of Actuant Corporation

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