Injection plastic parts: Deswell Industries (DSWL) (1987)

Deswell Industries, Inc. (Guanhong Electronics, Hong Kong Dewei Group) Deswell Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSWL) was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Macau Special Administrative Region, China. It has 1,340 full-time employees and is an original equipment manufacturer. A company that produces and sells injection molded plastic parts and assembled electronic products with contract manufacturers.

Deswell Industries Logo

Deswell Industries (DSWL):

Deswell Industries, Inc. produces and sells injection-molded plastic parts, electronic products and sub-assemblies, and metal molds and accessories for original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers. Desville Industries’ products include:

1. Deswell Industries produces a series of plastic parts and assemblies used in the manufacture of consumer and industrial products, including plastic parts for electronic entertainment products; shells for flashlights, telephones, pagers, projectors and alarm clocks; toner cartridges and copiers and Printer chassis; and electrical product parts such as air conditioners and ventilators, as well as parts for audio equipment and chassis, and keycaps for remote controls; baby products; medical product parts for blood test equipment; laser keycaps; and Car parts.

2. In addition, Deswell Industries also provides electronic products composed of audio equipment, including digital audio workstations, digital or analog mixers, musical instrument amplifiers, signal processors, Firewire/USB audio interfaces, keyboard controllers and speakers; home theaters Audio products, such as 7.1-channel audiovisual Hi-Fi stereo receiver amplifiers; printed circuit board components; and telecommunication products that include VoIP key sets for commercial communications.

Desville Industries sells its products mainly in the People’s Republic of China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada and internationally.

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