Insurance company: Argo Group International Holdings (AGII)-code change (1986)

Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGII) was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Pembroke, Bermuda. It has 1,306 full-time employees and underwrites professional insurance and reinsurance products in the global property and casualty insurance market.

Since 2018, the company changed its code due to its transfer from Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange. For details, please refer to: Argo International

Argo Group International

Argo Group International Holdings (AGII):

The insurance business of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd has professional insurance and reinsurance of property and accident insurance.

The company is divided into 4 departments to operate-Excess and Surplus Lines (E&S), Commercial Specialty (Commercial Specialty), International Specialty (International Specialty), Syndicate 1200.

  1. Excess and Surplus Lines (E&S) : Provide accident, property, and professional liability accident insurance to contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, owners, retail businesses, restaurants, environmental consultants and small medical institutions; the department also provides errors and omissions Professional liability insurance and management accident liability insurance to its wholesale and retail partners; it also provides risk management solutions to accountants, architects and engineers, commercial crimes, directors and officials, employment practitioners, trustees, lawyers, various specialized occupations, Technology, private and security customers.
  2. Commercial Specialty : Provides insurance programs to small businesses, including offices, retail, light industry manufacturing, service industries, restaurants; also provides accident, property, guarantee, automobile, umbrella insurance and mechanic contractor package programs and operating a non- Risk-taking agency; this department also provides general and automobile accident liability insurance, automobile body damage, property, inland transportation, crime, political officials and educators’ legal accident liability insurance, employment practice, law enforcement accident liability insurance, and Employee compensation insurance for small public sector entities.
  3. International Specialty : Provide special property accident reinsurance, excess accident and special occupation insurance; general, product, director and officer, error and omission professional liability insurance, employment practice accident liability insurance to different customers; as well as cargo, shipping, property and engineering and finance Corporate insurance items. The department sells its reinsurance products through brokers and third-party intermediaries; and insurance products through selected brokers and agents.
  4. Syndicate 1200 : Underwriting general liability, risks of international casualties and sports treaties; professional compensation, liability for directors and officers, and medical malpractice; direct and part-time excess reinsurance, North American and international collateral, and residential mortgage protection for lending institutions.

among them:

1. Under Excess and Surplus Lines:

  1. Colonial Specialty
  2. Argo Pro

2. Under Commercial Specialty:

  1. Rockwood
  2. Trident
  3. Argo Insurance
  4. ARIS
  5. Argo Surety
  6. Commercial Programs
  7. Alteris

3. Under International Specialty:

  1. Argo Re
  2. Argo Insurance Worldwide Casualty
  3. Argo Insurance Professional Lines
  4. Argo Seguros
  5. ArgoGlobal SE

Fourth, under Syndicate 1200

Argo International (Lloyd’s of London)

Argo Group International Holdings (AGII) History:

  • In 1948, Argonaut Insurance Exchange was founded in California, the predecessor of Argonaut Insurance;
  • In 1969, Teledyne Technologies acquired Argonaut Insurance; later, the acquisition of Great Central Insurance expanded the product line;
  • In September 1986, Teledyne Technologies established and divested Argonaut Group, the new company has Argonaut Insurance and Great Central Insurance;
  • In 2001, the company headquarters moved to San Antonio, Texas, USA;
  • In 2001, Argonaut Group acquired the insurance holding company Front Royal, Inc. (together with its subsidiaries Colony and Rockwood) for US$165 million;
  • In 2002, Argonaut Group acquired Fulcrum from Scor SE (Euronext: SCR);
  • In 2003, it acquired Grocers from Royal & Sun Alliance USA;
  • In 2005, Argonaut Group won a contract previously underwritten by Interstate Insurance Group, a subsidiary of Fireman’s Fund;
  • In May 2005, the company created Argonaut Specialty to underwrite larger customers than the traditional Colony;
  • In 2007, the company merged with the Bermuda company PXRE and entered the reinsurance field; the new company was named Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd., and its registered place was changed to Bermuda;
  • In 2008, Trident Insurance Services acquired Massamont Insurance Agency, which specializes in providing insurance plans for public entities. Argo’s public entity footprint expanded to New England, with offices in Greenfield and Boston, Massachusetts;
  • In April 2008, the Argonaut Group brand was re-established as the Argo Group, and the American business became Argo Group US; the Peleus Re brand was built as Argo Re.; the European brand was Argo Solutions;
  • In May 2008, Argo Group acquired Heritage and its Lloyd’s syndicate for US$272 million;
  • In September 2008, Argo Group acquired Insight Insurance;
  • In October 2008, Argo Pro was founded.

Argo Group International Holdings (AGII) investment:

Code change, new code: ARGO .

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