Insurance company: Enstar Group Limited (ESGR) (2001)

Enstar Group Limited (NASDAQ: ESGR) was founded in 2001, formerly known as Castlewood Holdings Limited. After merging with The Enstar Group, Inc. in January 2007, it was renamed as its current name and headquartered in Bermuda Da Hamilton, with 1,278 full-time employees, is a company that acquires and manages insurance and reinsurance businesses.

Enstar Group Limited Logo

Enstar Group Limited (ESGR):

The history of Enstar Group Limited can be traced back to Castlewood Limited, founded by Dominic Silvester, Paul O’Shea and Nick Packer in 1993. In 2001, Castlewood Limited worked with The Enstar Group, Inc. and Trident II, LP (an investment fund funded by Marsh & McLennan management) established a joint venture company-Castlewood Holdings Limited, the predecessor of Enstar Group Limited.

In January 2007, Castlewood Holdings Limited merged with The Enstar Group, Inc., taking the name of Enstar Group Limited, which became what is today Enstar Group Limited.

Ensta Group Co., Ltd. is a company that acquires and manages insurance product portfolios and reinsurance companies. Its business includes property insurance, casualty insurance and other non-life insurance businesses, and provides management, consulting and other services. Its business scope includes Bermuda, the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia and other countries or regions.

March 2013, ENSTAR from HSBC Holdings (HSBC Holdings plc) acquired several life insurance and annuity companies.

In June 2013, Ensta acquired Atrium Underwriting Group Ltd. (completed in September 2013) and Arden Reinsurance Company Ltd. (completed in November 2013).

In July 2013, Enstar Group acquired Torus Insurance Holdings Limited (completed in April 2014).

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