Insurance company: Everest Re Group (RE) (1973)

Everest Reinsurance Group Company Everest Re Group Ltd. (NYSE: RE) was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. It has 1,276 full-time employees and provides reinsurance and insurance products through its subsidiaries.

Everest Re Group Ltd Logo

Everest Re Group (RE):

Everest Reinsurance Group is divided into 5 departments to operate: US Reinsurance, International, Bermuda, Insurance and Mt. Logan Re.

1. The U.S. Reinsurance Department : Provides property and accident reinsurance, specialized types of businesses, including shipping, aviation, guarantee, accident and health reinsurance, through insurance brokers and direct purchases with reinsurance companies in the United States;

2. International Department : Provide (foreign) property and accident reinsurance in Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Miami and New Jersey;

3. Bermuda Department : Through brokers and insurance companies operating directly in Bermuda, it provides reinsurance and insurance products for properties and accidents in the Bermuda, UK and European markets;

4. Insurance department : provide property and accident insurance directly through the United States and Canada such as general agents and brokers;

5. Mt. Logan Re Department : Provide insurance products against disaster risks.

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