Insurance company: Hallmark Financial Services (HALL) (1987)

Hallmark Financial Services Inc. (NASDAQ: HALL) was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It has 439 full-time employees. It is an insurance holding company . The United States provides businesses and individuals with the promotion, distribution, underwriting and service of property/casualty insurance products.

Hallmark Financial Services Logo

Hallmark Financial Services (HALL):

Logo Financial Services Company (Hallmark Financial Services Company) is a diversified property insurance/accident insurance group serving companies, individuals and other professional and niche (NICHE) markets, providing standardized commercial insurance, professional commercial insurance, and personal insurance Commodity services, and focus on selected markets with low severity and short-term risks.

Hallmark Financial Services is mainly divided into 3 departments to operate: Standard Commercial Insurance (Standard Commercial), Specialty Commercial Insurance (Specialty Commercial), and Personal Insurance (Personal).

  1. Standard commercial insurance : provide complete and individual property/injury insurance, as well as occupational accident insurance products and services.
  2. Special commercial insurance : provide major and excess commercial vehicle insurance products and services; major and excess liability, excess public entity liability, and E&S supporting insurance products and services; major and excess commercial property insurance for catastrophe and non-catastrophe risks; mainly for enterprises , Medical professionals, medical institutions and senior care institutions’ medical care and financial industry professional liability insurance products and services; as well as general aviation and satellite launch property/casualty insurance products and services, and various professional plans.
  3. Personal insurance : provide non-standard personal car and tenant insurance products and services.

The logo financial services company sells its insurance products through independent general agents, retail agents and professional brokers.

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