Insurance dealer platform: SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (SLQT)

SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (NYSE: SLQT) was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, USA, with 1,800 full-time employees. It is the leading technical support DTC (Direct-to-Consumer, The direct-to-consumer) distribution platform can provide consumers with transparent and convenient, sophisticated premium health, life, auto and family insurance carefully selected by leading insurance companies in the country.

SelectQuote Insurance Services

SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (SLQT):

Selectquote Insurance Services provides insurance agency and brokerage services. The company provides auto and family, life and medical insurance. Selectquote Insurance Services provides services to customers in the United States.

As an insurance distributor, SelectQuote Insurance Services does not provide insurance to consumers. Instead, it identifies consumers who want to purchase insurance products and recommends these consumers to insurance underwriter partners who provide these products. In return, the insurance company will give SelectQuote Insurance Services certain commission.

The proprietary technology of SelectQuote Insurance Services enables it to adopt a wide range of channel marketing methods by analyzing and identifying high-quality consumer leads from various online and offline marketing channels.

SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (SLQT) historical:

In 1985, SelectQuote created a way for consumers to purchase term life insurance by providing fair price comparisons with some of the most trusted insurance companies. To this day, SelectQuote can still help customers find the scope of life insurance, as well as house insurance, auto insurance, medical insurance, etc. SelectQuote’s fast and easy process saves consumers time and money, and more than 2 million families trust SelectQuote to help them meet their insurance needs.

SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (SLQT) investment:

SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc. (NYSE:SLQT) plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange on 5/22/2020 IPO, the issue price is $17.00-$19.00, 25 million shares are issued, and 450 million US dollars are raised, Credit Suisse/ Morgan Stanley/ Evercore ISI / RBC Capital Markets/ Barclays/ Citigroup/ Jefferies underwriting.

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