Insurance holding company: RLI Insurance RLI Corp. (RLI) (1965)

RLI Insurance, RLI Corp. (NYSE: RLI) was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, with 866 full-time employees. Through its subsidiaries, it mainly insures property and casualty insurance in the United States.

RLI Corp

RLI Insurance RLI Corp. (RLI):

RLI Corp. mainly provides property and accident insurance in the United States through its subsidiaries.

RLI’s accident business provides commercial and personal umbrella insurance products, general accident liability products, including third-party accident liability insurance for commercial insureds, including manufacturers, contractors, apartments, real estate investment trust companies, and merchants.

RLI also provides environmental accident liability insurance to areas with underground storage tanks, contractors and asbestos, environmental correction experts, commercial automobile accident liability and vehicle damage insurance products, other forms of commercial automobile risk, accident insurance, including general accident liability , Excess accident liability, truck cargo.

In addition, RLI also provides specialized occupational accident liability insurance, such as general accident liability, property, automobile, excess accident liability, employee compensation, property and accident insurance to small contractors and other small and medium retail businesses. Manage accident liability insurance, such as directors and directors, liability insurance, trustee accident liability and employee insurance, medical professional accident liability insurance, various other products, including housing affairs insurance, provide limited accident liability and property insurance to various small businesses the Lord.

RLI’s property business mainly includes commercial fires, earthquakes, conditional differences, shipping, temporary and contract reinsurances including grain, and personal types of insurance policies such as RV and Hawaii homeowners insurance.

RLI’s guarantee business specializes in providing small to large-scale commercial and contract guarantees and guarantee insurance for the energy, petrochemical, and oil refining industries. It also provides mixed guarantee insurance including license and permit, notary and court guarantee insurance.

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