Investment management company: Franklin Resources (BEN) (1947)

Franklin Resources, Inc. (Franklin Templeton) Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE: BEN) was founded in 1947, formerly known as Franklin Templeton Investments (Franklin Templeton Investments, Franklin Templeton Funds), headquartered in California, USA State San Mateo (with an office in Hyderabad, India), with 9,400 full-time employees, is an investment management company that provides investment management and fund management services.

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Franklin Resources (BEN):

Franklin Resources Corporation is an American holding company. Together with its subsidiaries, it is known as Franklin Templeton Investments. It is a global investment company established in 1947 in New York City under the name of Franklin Distributors, Inc.. Franklin Resources is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BEN to commemorate Benjamin Franklin, who was praised by the company’s founder Rupert Johnson (Rupert Johnson, Sr.).

Franklin Resources Corporation is a global investment management organization known as Franklin Templeton Investment Corporation. The company has extensive business worldwide, with offices in 33 countries and customers in more than 170 countries. In 1973, the company’s headquarters moved from New York to San Mateo, California.

Franklin Resources, Inc. and its affiliates (Franklin Templeton Investments) provide investment management services for individuals, institutions, pension plans, trusts and partnerships. Franklin Resources also handles stocks, fixed income, balanced investments and multi-asset mutual funds through its subsidiaries. Franklin Resources invests in listed company stocks, fixed income, and alternative markets.

As of March 31, 2017, Franklin Templeton Investments (Franklin Templeton Investments) is one of the world’s largest asset management groups, representing private, professional and institutional investors under management of assets (Asset Under Management, AUM) up to 7,400 One hundred million U.S. dollars.

Franklin Resources (BEN) History:

  • In 1947, Rupert H. Johnson, Sr. founded American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin;
  • In 1971, the company went public;
  • In 1973, acquired investment company Winfield & Company and moved its headquarters from New York to California;
  • In 1986, Franklin landed on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code: BEN;
  • In 1988, Franklin acquired LF Rothschild Fund Management Company;
  • In October 1992, Franklin acquired Templeton, Galbraith & Hansberger Ltd. (Templeton, Galbraith and Hansberger) for US$913 million. This is the origin of Franklin Templeton;
  • In November 1996, Heine Securities Corporation merged into Franklin Templeton;
  • In October 2000, Franklin Templeton acquired Canadian Bissett Funds;
  • In April 2001, Franklin Resources acquired Fiduciary Trust Company;
  • In 2003, Franklin Templeton acquired Darby;
  • On July 31, 2008, Franklin Resources, Inc. managed more than US$570 billion in assets worldwide;
  • In 2012, acquired K2 Advisors;
  • In 2014, in order to meet the changing needs of investors, Franklin Templeton entered the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market and launched the Franklin Liberty Short Duration US Government ETF (Franklin Liberty Short Duration US Government ETF);
  • In 2016, Franklin Resources expanded its ETF suite by launching the global ETF platform Franklin LibertyShares™;
  • Today, Franklin Templeton has become one of the largest independent global asset management companies in the world, with offices in more than 30 countries and customers in more than 170 countries.
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